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Updating oracle with excel

Spreadsheet Server delivers: A key component the Global Software platform, Query Designer has the power to translate database queries into formulas used to create interactive Excel worksheets.

For example Planning and Financial Management data could be used to compare actual to budget.

GET_OBJ_PROPERTY(worksheet,'Cells',args); -- initializing cell ole2.destroy_arglist(args); END; BEGIN filename :=GET_FILE_NAME('c:\', File_Filter='Excel Files (*.xls)|*.xls|'); -- to pick the file application := OLE2. Application'); ole2.set_property(application,'Visible','true'); workbooks := OLE2. GET_OBJ_PROPERTY(application, 'Workbooks'); args := OLE2. CREATE_ARGLIST; ole2.add_arg(args,filename); --'c:s002.xls'); -- file path and name workbook := ole2.

OBJ_TYPE; ctr NUMBER(12); cols NUMBER(2); name_var1 VARCHAR2(2000); name_var2 VARCHAR2(2000); name_var3 VARCHAR2(2000); name_var4 VARCHAR2(2000); filename varchar2(100); PROCEDURE OLEARG IS args OLE2. CREATE_ARGLIST; ole2.add_arg(args,ctr); -- row value ole2.add_arg(args,cols); -- column value cell := ole2.

Predefined Form Interaction EPM application users that execute predefined input/reporting forms find Smart View a convenient way of completing tasks within the Office environment.

These users would be planners, consolidators and the like that have a desire to work in the Excel environment either for consistent experience compared to the web application or to tie other spreadsheet-based models into their process.

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It is a comprehensive tool for accessing and integrating EPM and BI content from Microsoft Office products.