Updating root zone file bind New dating site for 2013

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;; Received 489 bytes from 192.2#53(b.root-servers.net) in 284 ms

The only way you can make use of internet without DNS, is to memorize all the numerical IP addresses associated with each and every domain(not only you will have to memorize, but will have remember which IP address is for which domain. You can clearly see that the root servers are at the top of the inverted tree, g TLD(Generic Top Level Domains) & CCTLD(Country Code Top Level Domains) comes below the root servers, and then comes the DNS servers for an example domain. Consider the above shown tree structure as the flow chart of a DNS name resolution. So for example, if you want to find the IP address of mail.two types of DNS queries can be made. One is called Iterative & the other is called recursive(which is the normal configuration of all local DNS servers).

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It is the highly used resource record in a zone file.

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