Updating translate into ukrainian

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Updating translate into ukrainian

He cross-checked all the bomb and camera switches to the ON position, especially the radio bomb release (RBR) signal switch that would release all the bombs of the other airplanes in the formation simultaneously. When the flak started bursting near the formation, Lieutenant Good had already attained a synchronized bombing run with the wind drift “killed” and the cross-hair holding steady on the aiming point of the great manufacturing complex. In spite of the new accurate flak from the 88 and 110 millimeter anti-aircraft artillery, the second and third squadron bombardiers, Lt. Jackson, steered their squadrons to the precise bomb delivery points, too.

P-47 fighters covered us to the vicinity of Hanover, then P-38s and P-51s orbited over us to Gotha.

Luftwaffe fighters made attempts to penetrate our formations but “our little friends” kept them at a distance and, when opportunity prevailed, dove in for a “kill”.

Using our thick vapor trails as a screen, the Germans often struck from below and from behind to shoot up any lagging bomber.

He could and did give a commentary to the command pilot and crew of what he saw and what he was doing in steering the lead airplane and formation of bombers to the bomb release point, but only he – the lead bombardier – “knew for sure” what was viewed through that bombsight.

At 18,000 feet, it was forty (40) degrees below zero, but the bombardier never felt the cold as his fingers delicately operated the azmith and range controls. While the camera was recording the impact of the bombs, Lieutenant Mc Gregor took over and swung the formation to the outbound heading and the rally point.

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