Updating wii opera flash 9

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Updating wii opera flash 9

Dispel is a White Magic spell learned by Rosa and Porom.It was not present in the SNES version for the player, but it could be used by using the Aura Staff, called Lunar in the SNES version, as an item.

The Destruct Materia has De Spell, which removes all barriers, plus Haste, Slow, Stop, Regen, Death Force, and Resist). The Materia is acquired by entering the Shinra Manor basement in Nibelheim during disc 1; Sephiroth will throw it at the player after the cutscene plays out.

It has a casting time of 1, costs 12 MP in the 2D versions, and 15 MP in the 3D versions.

Aura Staff in the SNES version does absolutely nothing when used as an item during battle, but if used on a character with Reflect status, it causes the animation to be reflected onto a random enemy, although it will still do nothing.

In the original Japanese version, this item produces the effect of Dispel when used as an item, which is what the animation is from.

This functionality was removed from Final Fantasy II (US) and Easy Type, but can still be seen by the player because its visual effect wasn't removed from the game.

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