Updating your green card

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LLS cannot give personal advice to any individual regarding immigration status. Hello am Emmanuel, I just got married to my wife who is a us citizen and works for the state as nurse.

This is why it is important to have an immigration attorney to represent you. Take the time to hire an expert immigration attorney. Form I-751 has a built-in waiver for those who have divorced their US citizen spouses, but USCIS will still require proof that your union was a good faith relationship and not just for immigration purposes.If you have already obtained unconditional permanent residence before your divorce, the only immigration issue that may occur is a delay in obtaining full citizenship status.Failure to attend both appointments may end in cancellation of interviews and rescheduling must be done if needed. Denial of Visa Petition Regardless of whether you are filing for a green card based on employment or family, your sponsor must file a Form I-140 or a Form I-130, accordingly.If this petition is denied, the green card application will be dismissed.

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But before our marriage she had married and divorce 4 years ago.

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