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Validating a cell value excel macro

QI Macros customers use Excel to create forms for all kinds of data collection: time sheets, scorecards, even mini-databases.

your original code was to run your macro, put that back in it's original form. 3) On the left pane window, double click the sheet where you need your code to run.

I didn't know a thing about using a macro function or even using VB.

But I wholeheartedly followed your instructions when I had a similar problem of calling a macro, to limit the characters in a cell, when a cell is populated, and you know what I got it right right at the first instance. I use the worksheet change event, but when I change a cell the previous value in the cell is picked up and for some reason the value of the cell changes back to its original value after program has finished. thanks for this help, but I need a code that one item entered in sheet1 pasted or moved to sheet2 row 1, then entering the next item in sheet1 should go to sheet2 row 2, hence forth. Hi folks Just to pass on a little learning - which cost me an entire day!

The data for D10 comes from a Data Validation drop down, if that matters. In the worksheet, range A5: A25 is fill with numbers.

If you enter a numeric value in cell D10, range G5: G10 will copy what is in A5: A25.

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