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I have been running my XP Pro for about 15 years, but having upgraded my computer I decided to do a clean install even given the problems that involves since Microsoft stopped supporting XP.The installation went quite easily and everything is working fine.One person said that Microsoft themselves tried installing one of own genuine copies and came up against the same problem.So my question is, has anyone come up with a solution to this problem? It only removes the WGA notification update that phones home every time you start XP.I've done so myself and not had a problem with telephonic communication and activation.Louis I'm afraid I do subscribe to the "plot theory".Oh and by the way, the Google search I did that took me to this theory was to Microsoft's own Community site where the problem has been discussed for years.So Microsoft cannot say they are unaware of the existence of this problem.

Back in 2011 I had the same thing happen with the Windows 7 on my laptop.So, I don't subscribe to the "plot theory" of computer using .A simple phone call to Microsoft should have been able to resolve this.And, for some time now, to install various MS properties, it's been normal for a validation request to be asked for before downloading said program.You state that you "upgraded" your computer..your computer is an OEM system, a change of the motherboard would be viewed by Microsoft as a different system and that may account for the stated message.

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If that's the case...again, a simple phone call to MS should take care of it.

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