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Most of the updates downloaded and installed with no problems, but I noticed at the time that some of the updates on several servers didn't download.These servers are set by group policy to detect and download updates but not to install them automatically.Here's a screen capture: There's only one WSUS server.

3) Error code "0x80092026" equates to "The cryptographic operation failed due to a local security option setting." 4) Had customer check to determine if the following reg key/value exists on affected clients: HKEY_USERS\.In WSUS, the computer "updates needed" report shows the updates under the Approval column as "Install" but the status column shows "Not Installed," where it should be "Downloaded." Nothing has changed since the servers were restarted a couple of weeks ago after the initial installation of the other approved updates.I looked in the Windows Update log for one of the servers, but I can't find anything that stands out.The other problem could be an issue with the software distribution folder on the server. Windows 2003: There are 4 updates that aren't downloading, all Windows security updates for Windows 2003: 2698365 (x64 and x32); 2509553, 2536276, and 2638806 (x64 only).I just now noticed, looking back at my WSUS console, that these are very old updates, but they must have just showed up in the downloads over the last month (I do Windows updates on these servers once a month).

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One thing I have noticed is that some updates only apply if a specific service pack has been applied.

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