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Method validations fall into three categories: Full, Partial, and Cross-Validation: Full validation is needed for new methods or when major changes to an existing method affect the scope or critical components.Partial validation is performed on a previously-validated method that has undergone minor modification.A: Method validation involves conducting a variety of experiments that focus on performance elements of the method to be validated.For instance, with chromatographic assay validation, it is essential to establish the method specificity, accuracy, precision, and linearity over a stated concentration range, as well as the stability properties of the solutions, controls, and sample materials.This is achieved by performing a series of experiments on the procedure, materials, and equipment that comprise the method being validated.The experimental results undergo statistical analysis, and a series of pre-defined acceptance criteria are applied to the results.Either test is intended to accurately reflect the purity characteristics of the sample.Different validation characteristics are required for a quantitative test than for a limit test.

Examples of such changes would be use of different sample matrix, addition of new analytes, or certain alterations of method parameters. There are a number of less-demanding approaches to ensuring a method produces valid results and otherwise exhibits scientific integrity.

This is normally achieved by comparison of a property of the sample (e.g., spectrum, chromatographic behavior, chemical reactivity, etc.) to that of a reference standard.

Testing for impurities can be either a quantitative test or a limit test for the impurity in a sample.

These serve to establish the method ruggedness or robustness.

Test method validation is a requirement for entities engaging in the testing of biological samples and pharmaceutical products for the purpose of drug exploration, development, and manufacture for human use.

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Assay procedures are intended to measure the analyte present in a given sample.

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