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If you want to help in managing and validating translations, please make sure to get in touch with the existing language team and follow the glossaries & style guides if the team has them. In order to post to this site, you will need to log in with your account.Your first post may take a while to show up, as it is moderated. Here are my picks for the 101 best online business tools, apps, resources, browser extensions, plugins, and platforms that will help get your website (or online business) to profitability as quickly and inexpensively as possible.In my opinion, having a Word Press hosted site is the absolute best balance between easy-to-setup website and scalable platform for future growth, especially if your online business model shows early positive growth signs.Amongst the many reasons why that online business eventually devolved into a fiery inferno, one thing I seriously lacked was an in-depth knowledge of all the incredibly useful online business tools, services, and platforms at my disposal, that could help me more effectively launch a profitable online side business.By choosing to start a side business and grow it while keeping my day job, I now had extremely limited time and financial resources. It takes money to hire talented contract developers, designers, writers, and marketers.The free, simple to use Content Management System (CMS) that Word Press gives you is a basic website, published on one of their free default Theme templates in a matter of minutes.For more creative control and advanced features that you'll eventually want to use for your online business, you'll want to pick up more complex themes and plugins.

The amazingly simple visual live editor and template library enables you to very quickly build high converting landing pages, set up your blog, construct member portals, offer gated content, and so much more at an affordable price point.Much more on how to effectively do that in my course, The Launch While Working Formula.I knew that all of the top entrepreneurs I followed like Ramit Sethi, Tim Ferriss, and Lewis Howes had a big enough business that they could afford to hire help to amplify their efforts.But I was then left wondering, So, I set out to dig deeper into all of the possible ways I could automate, streamline, and outsource the process of building and growing my side business by finding and utilizing the best online business tools.If you’re still looking for the right side business that aligns with your skills and passions, check out my list of the 101 best side business ideas.

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This short post demonstrates how to set up and use JSR-303 Validation for the arguments in Spring MVC request mapping methods for path variable and request parameter arguments. The only configuration needed is adding the Method Validation Post Processor (javadoc) bean to the Spring configuration, e.g.

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