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Meanwhile, Owen proposes to Geraldine after she kisses him.

On the way out she meets Darcey Bussell, but the fame soon goes to her head and a national paper prints some stories about the villagers.

Meanwhile, the villagers want to build a millennium statue.

Love and Marriage | #110 | TV-PGAlice and Hugo get married, with Jim as best man and the bridesmaids dressed as Teletubbies.

The evening before the wedding, Owen, Jim, and Jeremy Ogilvy, an old college friend who Geraldine has chosen to conduct her wedding, all propose to her.

On her wedding day, her white dress is ruined when Owen drives the car through a puddle and the dress is covered with mud.

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Unfortunately, it is because of this phenomenon that the female fan is sometimes regarded with suspicion — especially if she admits that she does, in fact, happen to find some of the male cast pleasing to the eye.