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And this week the first snap of Vic – real name Jim Moir – has been released of the comedian in his role as TV presenter Colin on Coronation Street.Vic, 58, tweeted from the set of the long-running ITV soap: “Had a brilliant first day on the cobbles.

A big fan of earthing/grounding, she recently said: “Earthing…is healthy for our souls and bodies.”MADAME TUSSAUDS has denied allegations of racism surrounding its new waxwork of Beyoncé.Earlier this week an updated model of the superstar was unveiled and fans were furious at its very light skin tone. I think some people try to be cool, I think he was just cool. We went for a 9 mile hike in the middle of the night. I’m not going to say where we met, but we met somewhere, and we ended up going for a walk. “They have to wait a long time -- a very long time,” she said.

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A social media frenzy ensued with accusations of “whitewashing” being hurled at the New York branch of the popular tourist attraction.

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  1. And they feel the radiant glow of joy in each act of appreciation they offer. They can live comfortably with change and disruption and opposing ideas and attitudes. It allows us to see pain behind anger, to recognize hidden misfortune behind very public expressions of bitterness and to reach out with kindness and compassion to those who strike out in fear and blame. And the purer the love, the deeper the happiness it produces. It’s the attitude of Gandhi to his jailors, and Jesus to his crucifiers.