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Not Dana, who started her career at 21 playing a professional virgin (‘quite a stretch,’ as the straight-talking star drily remarks) on a daytime TV soap, won her Emmys for tough army nurse Colleen Mc Murphy in the 1988-91 TV mini-series ‘It was very clever of Marc to make Bree and Katherine clash because we’re the two control freaks in the story – and he was building on the history of me being offered the role of Bree first,’ says Dana, laughing at the mischief-making. ‘I thought, “This concept is so retro, what happened to feminism?

” And in fact a lot of people had doubts about the show to begin with, because they thought that female-friendship thing had already been done with The paradox, however, is that in real life this self-possessed 52-year-old who has never married or had children is as far from being a housewife – and especially a desperate one – as you can possibly get.

'My mother is 80 years old and still works as an interior designer, so I was raised with a very strong work ethic.

I didn’t think that being a wife and mother made her happy, so I remember saying to her when I was 16: “I’m never going to have kids.” She said, “Oh, you’ll change your mind”, but I never did.

I grew up with 70s feminism and I try to hold true to those principles.

A job is often a better bet than many men, and more fulfilling.

Despite her low-key, slightly self-mocking manner, she looks the epitome of the sexy older woman who can fascinate men of all ages.Let’s all pause for a few moments to revel in the thought of Dana Delany, naked in a hot tub with a can of Reddi Wip. But I can totally see her in the part: a “brilliant and tenacious” female medical examiner who used to work as a neurosurgeon. Delany’s character Katherine has been through the ringer on Desperate Housewives, so perhaps the move would be good for her.And since Julie Benz, who plays Katherine’s lesbian love interest Robin, also is doing a pilot, we suspected that the DH lesbian relationship would be short-lived.We have great news and maybe not-so-great news about Dana Delany.The great is that the story about her meeting with Jennifer Beals has a bit more to it than we knew.

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On Jimmy Kimmel Live last Friday, she talked about her roles on Desperate Housewives and The L Word.