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Given DMX’s history, both are equally likely to be true.But every time his name pops up in the headlines, with mentions of drugs and health and this ominous, lingering feeling of impending tragedy, we’re reminded of how far he’s fallen—and how upsetting it is that he can’t seem to stop the spiral.“Cops quickly determined he was lifeless, not breathing with no pulse and immediately began CPR.”For his part, the man formerly know as Earl Simmons claims that he did not take any powder or drugs, and says all he remembers is that he was experiencing trouble breathing after a recent bout of bronchitis and then collapsed, while a family member reportedly told TMZ that he’d requested his inhaler for his asthma before falling unconscious.Asthma attack or drug overdose, it’s hard to know what to believe. According to TMZ, Dark Man X and his girlfriend, Desiree, are the proud parents to a bouncing baby boy. Exodus Simmons was born late Friday night in New York weighing in at 6 lbs, 10 oz. His single “Get at Me Dog” had been released that winter and was a go-to track at parties on my college campus that year.I have fond memories of my college days, but in retrospect, that time was especially divided when it came to mainstream hip-hop fans on my small HBCU campus in central Georgia.

It was reported that a witness at the scene said DMX had taken a powdered drug before he collapsed.“We’re told when cops arrived DMX was on the ground in the parking lot next to a parked car,” reported TMZ.

And apparently, no one sent the memo to her ATL co-star T. Pregnancy rumors started up while Lauren was on The Perfect Match promo trail and maybe they were on to something.

The rumor mill is spinning after Tip called into Z1079 Cleveland to chop it up about the status of the “Aye man, we working on it presently. Sounds like he’s talking about Lauren since that’s her character’s name in the film.

DMX was found unresponsive at a Ramada Inn parking lot in his native Yonkers, New York, this week after suffering a possible drug overdose.

The growling rapper’s long history of addiction and arrests is as well-known as his music at this point—perhaps even more so—so it’s not hard to see why many would jump to those conclusions.

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In 2013, he declared bankruptcy due to outstanding child support payments, and in July 2015 was sentenced to six months in jail for owing over $400,000 in back child support.

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