Who is howard k stern dating craig bierko dating

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Who is howard k stern dating

So, I picked up food and then I came back and other than that I was there the whole time. And, remember that Anna had had a C-section two days before, so she needed help and still needs help to get to the bathroom and things like that and Daniel, you know, helped her out to the bathroom and this happened many times throughout the night.

And then, at one point Daniel said to me how come I'm so tired?

And, I checked Daniel's neck and I didn't feel anything and we called, you know, the nurses and said it was an emergency.

And, you know, honestly I don't know how we're going to get through this. You know, he had so many opportunities and, you know, he chose not to go into modeling or acting and he could have and that's pretty rare for a kid his age.

But, you know, he saw what his mom has gone through in the media and he kind of didn't want to go through the same stuff.

And then, after passing silent-but-deadly gas, King launched into exactly the sort of "hardball" interview we've come to expect, discussing with Stern the details of Daniel's death and revealing the father of the new baby. KING: What are the latest test results on the cause of death of Daniel? You know, we're still waiting to find out what the cause is.

We got some initial toxicology reports from the Doctor's Hospital, which came out negative, except for a medication called Lexapro but we also now have an indication that there may have been other prescriptive medication in his system but we don't know, you know, if that would have contributed to his death or not. STERN: Yes, I'm not too familiar with how medications work but, yes, it's an antidepressant.

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