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“I’m not trying to impress anyone.”I created this campaign so that if women are having a bad day or are down on themselves, they can just come to this account and be inspired.And so they know that there’s so much more that defines them than just their looks.Jameela plays deceased wealthy philanthropist Tahani Al-Jamil who's name means "Congratulations Beautiful." She admitted that she exaggerated over her acting experience to get the part, having only ever performed in theatre when she was a child.The third series is expected to air in September 2018 and you can catch up on all 26 episodes on Netflix.

Those experiences have contributed to her journey toward regaining confidence, and her vocal stance against bullying and body shaming — which she isn't afraid to call out online. girls keep sending me this screen shot and saying it’s making them feel bad. Make Instagram a safe space for yourself rather than a trap of pointless poison.

The 32-year-old was struck by a car when she was 17, which broke several bones and severely damaged her spine.

After being told she may never walk again, Jameela underwent steroid treatment and physiotherapy before slowly recovering.

"And so I took the first step at the top and then slipped and then flew into the air and didn't land until the very last step and I landed right on my a*se, on my coccyx, which I heard snap."So yeah, that was how I broke my bum."She went on: "I have to say, if you're wondering what that feels like, it's what I imagine being struck by lightning up your a*sehole feels like.

It's great."Talking about what came next, she joked: "Oh and so fun, because it takes three months to recover and you have to take a little rubber ring around with you everywhere you go and sit on it even if you're going for fancy dinners or dates." Jameela decided to share the story after she recently injured her ankle playing tennis.

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That post struck something with people around the world, and she was surprised when she began receiving messages from others sharing the things that gave them value and strength.“I didn’t ask for anyone to send me anything,” Jamil said.

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