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They’ve since teamed up for Gomez’s “Fetish” video and other projects.Gomez even talked about them writing a movie together." data-reactid="38"If Theroux and Collins are actually dating, it would put Gomez in an awkward position, to say the least.According to the National Enquirer, Garner has been seeing a lawyer and it’s so serious that she’s introduced him to her family in West Virginia.She allegedly did this over the holidays, which means she’s been with him for a while.Ten days after Theroux and Aniston announced their separation, Theroux added Gomez’s name as a hashtag to a post from a Texas animal rescue.The shoutout could have meant that he and Gomez have been hanging out more lately because he’s dating her friend, although that would disprove the idea that Gomez is upset with Collins.Jennifer Lopez is having a good year, and it just got better!

She doesn’t even follow on-again, off-again love Justin Bieber at the moment.Last month, Jennifer Garner was seen out with a “mystery man.” You can see the photos here, on The Daily Mail.The man had his arm around her but it didn’t look romantic and was more like a side hug as they walked.Gomez even talked about them writing a movie together.a 2015 radio interview." data-reactid="39"“Yeah… There are actually a few solid clues that a romance, or a least a flirtation, is going on between the two.photographed in the same shirt as that man in the pic with Collins." data-reactid="55"One week before Theroux and Aniston went public with the news that they had separated at the end of last year, Theroux shared a photo of Collins on Instagram.we met through my management — they manage her as well — so it was kind of like a friendly meeting and instantly she’s, like, inviting me to her house,” Gomez said. It appeared to have been snapped at designer Adam Selman’s New York Fashion Week show, where, in case there was any doubt the man in the photo was him, Theroux was photographed in the same shirt as that man in the pic with Collins. Some eagle-eyed followers pointed out that when the rumors about Theroux and Collins sparked, the songstress was no longer following her friend.

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"She is killing it and those [closest to her] couldn't be more proud." Jennifer Garner Returns to the Spotlight With First TV Gig Since 'Alias'!

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