Who is kenny lattimore dating

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Who is kenny lattimore dating

Musician Kenny Lattimore and TV personality Shaun Robinson attend the Inaugural Ball hosted by BET Networks at Smithsonian American Art Museum & National Portrait Gallery on January 21, 2013 in Washington, DC.South African ladies are in for a treat on Friday as crooner, Kenny Lattimore (43) will take them on a musical journey through his soulful love ballads.The depth of our relationship is such that we love each other. Even our mothers died from the same rare form of cancer, multiple myeoma. It's like we grew up in the same house, but she on the West Coast and I on the East Coast."Having fun is something the lovebirds are always doing.So when Kenny decided to pop the question, he figured what better way than to propose in a fun way. While sitting side-by-side in a limousine with Chante as they rode on their way to the screening of the movie Ali, Kenny says he two-way paged the love of his life.

"We can sit in a room and do nothing and just enjoy each other's company whether we're talking or not.

I saw this enchanting couple live in Nigeria on the 10th of February 2007.

The way the kept staring into each other's eyes and holding on to each other like their lives depended on it was powerful. See what I found out The mellow-voiced singers, both known for their tender ballads, first crossed each others paths in 1997.

(Picture by: Getty Images) Lattimore, who arrived in the country on Sunday, will be making his third appearance at the annual Women’s Month Concert to be held at Morula Sun in Pretoria.

“I know it’s Women’s Month so what I will talk about in the music will be deliberately directed at them.

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The couple, who have a son together – stunned their fans in August 2011 when they announced their divorce.

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