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"I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.Of course, one that puts up facades by nature should be considered true to oneself by definition.The worst attempts at showing this aesop strike upon the Appeal to Inherent Nature, a logical fallacy that confuses what is with what ought to be.Winehouse has an authentic soul voice and vivid character but her fame owes as much to her public disintegration as her music.In the vacuum left by Top Of The Pops, the tabloidization of pop became the real mass market.The better attempts are usually reminders to just be honest rather than to deny oneself.If the Be Yourself succeeds, it may lead to said character declaring I Am What I Am.

Appearing on Scroobius Pip's weekly Distraction Pieces podcast, Goldie said: "Give me a bubble letter and put it on a T-shirt and write Banksy on it and we're sorted. No disrespect to Robert, I think he is a brilliant artist.Usually, that means being physically unattractive, uncool and a complete and utter failure as well as having poor social skills.Occasionally this is warped into "Be Who You Should Be", as a Rule-Abiding Rebel; the plot doesn't even recognize certain personalities as even being choices and thus they "clearly" must be fake personas.There are still songs we all share, just not disseminated in familiar ways. (2004) Usher Drunk crazy = 'crunk’, a sound Mr Smooth made radio-friendly Watch it on You Tube 91. Lonely (2005) Akon He samples Bobby Vinton, becomes first housewives’ choice of hiphop. I Believe In A Thing Called Love (2003) The Darkness Stadium rock returned, complete with spandex trousers and Justin Hawkins’s ludicrous falsetto. Sheila (2006) Jamie T The lurching anthem for a distinctly Noughties tribe: heedlessly boozing suburban teens. In For The Kill (2009) La Roux The apotheosis of Eighties revivalism: pouting and make-up mask flimsy electro-pop. Golden Touch (2004) Razorlight Histrionic mega-hit that finally substantiated Johnny Borrell’s claims for his own talent. Mad World (2003) Gary Jules A cover version of excruciating poignancy, outshining even Tears For Fears’s original. A Punk (2008) Vampire Weekend The groundbreaking New Yorkers here fused indie-rock with African pop. 21 Seconds (2001) So Solid Crew Grime’s amply-staffed pioneers delivered this club smash, before crumbling amid gang violence. Sabali (2008) Amadou and Mariam Shimmering Malian pop on this Damon Albarn-produced gem. Since I Left You (2000) Avalanches Sweet Australian one hit wonder. Get Busy (2003) Sean Paul Jamaican dancehall topped the charts with this celebration of dancing. Skinny Love (2008) Bon Iver The affecting howls of a heartbroken man, recorded in a Wisconsin cabin. Crank That (Soulja Boy) Soulja Boy Tell`em A ringtone-friendly hook, and silly dance made this impossible to avoid. No More Drama - Mary J Blige (2001) Let’s all be calm, sang the Blige with ascending hysteria. 1 Thing (2005) Amerie Loony blast of Washington go-go. Title means: 'beware the boys’ Watch it on You Tube 70. (2001) DJ Pied and the Masters of Ceremonies The sound of hedonistic Britain decamping to Ayia Napa. All the things she said (2002) Tatu Pin-sharp pop and a controversy-stoking lesbian kiss Watch it on You Tube Buy it on i Tunes 62.You could hear them on TV, films, adverts and video games, in shopping malls and pubs, or at festivals. (2003) Black Eyed Peas For a brief moment, Fergie didn’t mean Sir Alex. Goodies (2004) Ciara Texan smoocher, influenced by cough-syrup. Push The Button (2005) Sugababes Come-hither pop from the fractious but chart-conquering girlband. Hope There’s Someone (2004) Antony and the Johnsons 21st century vulnerability, achingly exposed, in a piano-backed, humanist prayer. Just Dance (2009) Lady Gaga US R&B collides with European electro-rave to create semi-clad party pop. Over and Over (2006) Hot Chip Electronic geek squad wittily capture the “joy of repetition” in raving. Reckoner (2007) Radiohead The sweeping highlight of the Oxonians’s pay-what-you-please album. American Idiot (2004) Green Day The closest mainstream American rock came to a Bush-baiting anthem. Is This The Way To Amarillo (2005) Tony Christie Peter Kaye video helped 70s toe-tapper strike charity record gold. American Boy (2008) Estelle and Kanye West A trans-Atlantic love story that revitalised Estelle’s career. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad (1999) Moby Techno-gospel stand-out from Moby’s best-selling 'Play’ album. Music (2000) Madonna Her Madgesty, in the cowboy hat, with the beepy noises. Don’t Cha (2005) Pussycat Dolls Steamy but unsisterly hit from the American former burlesque troupers. One More Time (2000) Daft Punk Parisian duo autotune singer Romanthony to oblivion on robot disco classic. La Ritournelle (2004) Sebastien Tellier Symphonic epic that keeps its bearded French maker in TV usage fees. Kids (2008) MGMT Face-painted US duo more than match contemporary European synth-pop. Pure Shores (2000) All Saints From iffy flick 'The Beach’, William Orbit sends the alt-Spice Girls Balearic. Call On Me (2004) Eric Prydz Steve Winwood-sampling romp boosted by super-lewd gym-porn video. Grace Kelly (2007) Mika Brit-Lebanese popster shamelessly, ebulliently channels Queen via the Scissor Sisters. That’s Not My Name (2008) The Ting Tings Mickey Basil’s 'Mickey’ joyfully reimagined as a sliver of shouty pop-punk. I Don’t Feel like Dancin’ (2006) Scissor Sisters Elton John co-wrote the New York pop sensation’s ravishing biggest hit. Rock DJ (2000) Robbie Williams Cheeky rapping, sledgehammer beat and swaggering chorus from Britain’s favourite entertainer. Dance Wiv Me (2008) Dizzee Rascal with Calvin Harris The song that announced grime king Rascal had truly crossed over. Big Pimpin (2000) Jay-Z Nimble, flighty, Egyptian sampling delight from the rap supremo with studio wiz Timbaland. Leave Right Now (2003) Will Young The first ever Pop Idol winner’s noughties-style lounge ballad. Dy-na-mi-tee (2002) Ms Dynamite Dreamy, reggae drifts of 21st century lovers rock. Dare (2005) Gorillaz Great Britpop-meets-hip hop groove from the kings of the cartoon swingers. Golden Skans (2007) Klaxons Indie trio turn whooping psychedelic mysticism into pop gold. Try Again (2000) Aaliyah Squelchy, slinky, less-is-more Timbaland production for doomed R’n’B siren Watch it on You Tube Buy it on i Tunes 41.

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Meanwhile, Top Of The Pops died from lack of interest while the charts became strangely hyperactive. The strongest argument could be made for the rise of modern hip hop-inflected R&B, where even mainstream pop idols (such as Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears) have effectively “urbanised” their music.