Who is timothy olyphant dating

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Who is timothy olyphant dating

The show before that had Olyphant as its on-air, unpaid sports commentator.

"I was at an Arlo Guthrie show at UCLA last week," he says, rolling his eyes at the thought of the ancient singer of the hippy anthem Alice's Restaurant.

He has an athlete's affability and a languid easiness with himself.

That languor underpins the quietly confident and self-assured characters he's often played, particularly Raylan Givens, the dandy cop in his excellent new FX series Justified, a role originally created by Elmore Leonard.

"I just remember thinking, 'Man, if [former Pistols guitarist] Steve Jones was here he'd start booing,' and I really, really wanted to do the booing for him.

Man, that show was a snore – I just didn't believe a word that came out of their mouths." Punk credentials firmly established, Olyphant sips his latte, which has a perfect heart sculpted into its milky surface. For years, the ex-Pistol had the lunchtime spot ("Jonesey's Jukebox") on LA radio station Indie 103.1.

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Givens adheres to a personal sense of honour, ill at ease with the modern bureaucratic niceties, a 19th-century man at large in the incomprehensible 21st.