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“He forced me on to the floor with his hand around my neck,” she wrote. “The pressure and guilt of the inevitable repercussions of my rape story affecting my band’s livelihood, happiness and success kept me silent for years.Addams added that after making vague allusions to her encounter in an interview with Alternative Press Magazine, other women came forward with stories of abuse from White.In a statement to Pitchfork, he said: “I knew Jessicka and Jeordie had a romantic relationship many years ago and I considered and still consider Jessicka to be a friend.Musicians Marilyn Manson (L) and Twiggy Ramirez of Marilyn Manson arrive at Spike TV's 2008 Scream awards held at the Greek Theater on October 18, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.A deluge of disturbing stories about sexual misconduct have come to light since The New York Times published its exposé on producer Harvey Weinstein — and many of these allegations have surfaced in industries outside of Hollywood.On Friday, Jessicka Addams, former frontwoman of the band Jack Off Jill and current singer for the band Scarling, came forward with her story of sexual assault and domestic violence. I said it so loud enough, that [a friend] came rushing in from the other room to get him off of me,” Addams wrote in her post. I had been raped by somebody I thought I loved.” According to her post, Addams met and quickly moved in with White in 1993 when she was 18 years old. When I came home late one night, he put one of the stuffed animals he bought me into the burning oven in the kitchen.” White’s actions quickly escalated into physical abuse, according to Addams.

Addams detailed the alleged assault in a lengthy Facebook post, writing that she and Ramirez entered into a relationship in the ’90s — when she was 18 — that became physically violent in the following months and years.

“He proceeded to rip off the rear view mirror and threw it out the open window.

Throughout the madness, this was a rather poignant moment.

“As they were certain no one would ever take a rape victim in this male dominated music business seriously, nevermind a ferocious, disenfranchised, outspoken overweight front woman such as myself! At the time, Marilyn Manson was enjoying its height of popularity, thanks to the group’s 1996 album, “Antichrist Superstar.” In 2015, Addams alluded to her rape and assault in an interview with Alternative Press, which resulted in women contacting her with their own allegations against White.

“I was not the only one who was a victim of my rapist.

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While Mairlyn Manson has fostered an image of sexual deviancy that includes a pan-sexual attitude toward both men and women.