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It's been billed as one of the most controversial seasons in the history of Aussie reality television.And season five of Married At First Sight was certainly filled with all sorts of drama and scandal, from cheating spouses and partner swapping to a shocking 'sexting' bombshell that no one saw coming.As a popular Instagram model and former Zoo cover girl, Davina Rankin is no stranger to stripping down.But viewers were still shocked when a provocative photo of her posing completely NAKED on the beach resurfaced online following her reality TV debut.

However, their brief tryst came to an end when Dean decided that he was happier with his 'wife' Tracey Jewel, with the 39-year-old quickly kicking Davina to the curb.Davina previously starred on an episode of First Dates, while Sarah was a former contestant on The Amazing Race Australia.Nasser Sultan had also appeared on Pawn Stars Australia, where he lied about having a wife and kids in a scene that saw him trying to sell toy cars to save money for his children's education.Australia fell in love at first sight with bubbly single mother Jo Mc Pharlin, but the same can't be said for her 'husband' Sean Donners.The pub owner famously muttered 'oh s**t' under his breath when he saw his eager-beaver bride trotting towards the altar.

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Ryan Gallagher was depicted as the heartbroken groom who was tragically betrayed by his scheming 'wife' Davina.

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