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Wisconsin dating

Subsequent French writers changed the spelling from Meskousing to Ouisconsin, and over time this became the name for both the Wisconsin River and the surrounding lands.

English speakers anglicized the spelling from Ouisconsin to Wisconsin when they began to arrive in large numbers during the early 19th century.

Even so, French traders continued to work in the region after the war, and some, beginning with Charles de Langlade in 1764, now settled in Wisconsin permanently, rather than returning to British-controlled Canada.

The British gradually took over Wisconsin during the French and Indian War, taking control of Green Bay in 1761 and gaining control of all of Wisconsin in 1763.

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The Northern Highland and Western Upland along with a part of the Central Plain occupies the western part of the state, with lowlands stretching to the shore of Lake Michigan.

Wisconsin is second to Michigan in the length of its Great Lakes coastline.

The WVRA sponsors two awards slated towards the amateur radio community: the club's Ham of the Year award and the Excellence in Amateur Radio Award.

Click here for details and recipients of past awards.

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Agricultural societies emerged gradually over the Woodland period between 1000 BCE to 1000 CE.

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