Women for bd dating

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Women for bd dating

This is such a strong scent..necessarily unpleasant, but very potent and "stand alone". Recently, after 15 years of Dior ADDICT being my signature/only fragrance, I began a search for a new signature.I love the sweetness of the vanilla and I also love that there is some sort of smoky balance to it but I don't really think it's office friendly LOL It definitely projects well. The closest thing I liked was Mon Guerlain....whose perfumer, Thierry Wasser also created Dior ADDICT.This made-in 2004 bottle was slightly wider and shorter than the 50ml 2010 bottle of 2002 that was also available for purchase.I decided to go with the older bottle but from sniffing the two bottles they both smelled the same.But I know with some perfumes, you have to let them settle before you can really judge (and having worn 2012 before, I know for a fact it gets muuuch better) so now I'm going to pause my review, wait for it to settle, and then come back to continue.I also want to note that the "unpleasant camphor smell" is ONLY when I shove my nose up into my skin to smell.The 2002 especially, I would give as a recommendation for someone who is looking for a vanilla chai latte scent.--- Okay 15 minutes has passed now while I was killing time micro-analyzing all that, and during that time the vanilla wafting up at me was getting sweeter and more complex and it's just heavenly.

(I have synesthesia when I inhale perfume scent very deeply.Smelling both my hands and wrists now, either the unpleasant camphor smells is completely gone, or my nose has gotten used to it. They both have an underlying bitteress with 2002 being cooler and 2012 being warmer. Vanilla, sandalwood, tonka are the most prominent along with a mystery scent that I'm going to guess must be the mulberry blossom note.The smell gives sweet purple and white bursts of pleasant tingles on my tongue, like tiny fireworks bursting in the sky, if I inhale too deeply.Now you can only experience addicts origional design in niche or independent perfumary as its been so tragically neutered beyond its origional intent.But for what its worth it is definately worth seeking out a vintage bottle.

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I finally got the chance this morning in the airport.