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Neuroticism has also been found to be associated with death.

It has been suggested that this variability reflects noise in the individual's information processing systems or instability of basic cognitive operations (such as regulation processes), and further that this noise originates from two sources: mental preoccupations and reactivity processes. (2007) studied mental noise in terms of everyday behaviours using the Cognitive Failures Questionnaire, which is a self-report measure of the frequency of slips and lapses of attention.

The five big studies have described children and adolescents with high neuroticism as "anxious, vulnerable, tense, easily frightened, 'falling apart' under stress, guilt-prone, moody, low in frustration tolerance, and insecure in relationships with others," which includes both traits concerning the prevalence of negative emotions as well as the response to these negative emotions.

These associations can vary with culture: for example, Adams found that among upper-middle-class American teenaged girls, neuroticism was associated in eating disorders and cutting, but among Ghanaian teenaged girls, higher neuroticism was associated with magical thinking and extreme fear of enemies.

According to Hippocrates, it resulted from too much black bile.

Neuroticism is a trait in many models within personality theory, but there is a lot of disagreement on its definition.

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Various personality tests produce numerical scores, and these scores are mapped onto the concept of "neuroticism" in various ways, which has created some confusion in the scientific literature, especially with regard to sub-traits or "facets".